Brian Gill, Senior Vice President of Marketing for 4Life research

Brian has 18 years of experience in marketing, leading and developing teams, and providing key contributions to executive management. As Senior Vice President of Marketing, Brian supports the company’s strategic objectives and helps provide 4Life customers and distributors with top-quality products and tools, relevant and timely communications, and an exceptional brand experience.

Calvin jolley, Vice President Corporate Communications for 4life research

Calvin has twenty-five years of experience in direct selling—with fifteen of them at 4Life. As Vice President of Corporate Communications, he develops and executes messaging and executive strategy to key constituencies in the areas of public relations, press and media, corporate social responsibility, industry partnerships, government affairs, and internal communications. He sits on the Direct Selling Education Foundation Board of Directors and serves as a long-standing member of the DSA Communications Committee.



Danny Lee, President & CEO of 4Life Research

Danny Lee was appointed President and CEO in 2017. He came to 4Life in 2008 as the Chief Operating Officer and in 2015, was appointed Chief Marketing Officer. Danny has worked at well-known companies such as Mrs. Fields®, Merrill Lynch, Arthur Andersen, and Overstock™ throughout his career, which includes 14 years of executive experience. During his years with 4Life, Danny has helped improve 4Life Transfer Factor® quality, manufacturing, executive marketing initiatives, and customer service practices. He has strengthened the 4Life Product Registration Department and Quality Assurance program, furthering 4Life's goal to register products in dozens of countries around the world. He loves attending Great Escape trips and 4Life international conventions to interact with distributors (which he can do in both English and Spanish). Danny enjoys creating opportunities to promote the 4Life brand all over the world. He holds dual Bachelor’s degrees in accounting and finance from the University of Utah.

Derek Maxfield, Founder & CEO of Younique

As Younique’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Derek Maxfield oversees all of the company’s strategic initiatives and growth objectives. His primary focus is on Younique’s mission, and he always seeks to provide Younique Presenters with the tools and support they need to succeed.

Derek and his sister, Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer Melanie Huscroft, founded Younique in September 2012. The pair envisioned a mission-first company designed to support The Younique Foundation, which brings healing and hope to survivors of childhood sexual abuse. After 12 years of developing software for top players in the direct sales industry, Derek sought to capitalize on the untapped potential he saw to improve the direct selling business model.

Derek’s passion is providing a simplified digital experience in a traditional sales environment. With Younique, this is achieved by social selling and virtual parties instead of traditional home parties. He loves creating simple but powerful mobile technology, empowering Younique Presenters to run an entire business anytime, anywhere, from the convenience of a mobile device. Derek emphasizes the corporate motto is to “Keep it simple, keep it special.” This means choosing technology because it’s powerful in achieving the Younique Presenters’ goals, not just because it’s popular.

Maxfield Derek.jpg


Dr. David Vollmer, Chief Scientific Officer for 4Life research

With a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Nebraska and more than 20 years of experience in Research and Development and Quality Control Labs, Dr. Vollmer understands how to develop quality products from start to finish. His expertise includes technical and administrative leadership, validation studies for new products, good manufacturing practices, production records, product specifications, and stability testing. Since joining 4Life, he has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the high quality of 4Life Transfer Factor® products—one of the many things that makes him proud to work here. Dr. Vollmer is committed to ensuring that 4Life utilizes the highest quality ingredients in order to continue making the best products. He believes the company’s greatest asset is the many talented and caring employees. Dr. Vollmer enjoys attending events where he can meet distributors and hear their inspirational stories. He uses many 4Life products, but his current favorite is PRO-TF®. With the product, he has achieved his goal weight and now wears the same size he wore more than 15 years ago.